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Should your brand be looking for the perfect fit for sponsorship or to create a unique branded event we are here to help. Event Sponsorship can be so much more than a marketing expense, turning up at an event with a flag and a tent. Instead this is your brands unique opportunity to engage face to face with your audience.

Be unique, Be memorable, Be authentic… We ensure your investment realises its potential!


With the consumer retail landscape trending towards experiences rather than material goods, we ensure that you connect by offering just that … an experience! An experience is unique to your brand offering. A one-to-one connection with your audience giving you the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships that can propagate to a wider audience.


Perhaps the most commonly found word in any marketing plan … content. We crave it and we want to generate it. We know content is important – it’s often the building blocks of our marketing plans.

Northern Consultancy can provide our clients the means and the network to generate both inspirational and aspirational content to enrich a brands image.

Through our network of exceptional individuals we can generate content in any media required. Not only this, we can align brands to establish collaborative marketing schemes and maximise content exposure.


Your website is your storefront to a global audience so you should feel in control.

We often find that control is far from the fact… just pay a hosting fee each month but no idea if it is fit for purpose? Your website was created by a friend of a friend but now you have no idea if it is even working anywhere near optimally? Sound familiar?

If you’re looking for a conversation about your website that doesn’t mystify you with technical jargon, we can help. With access to a team of leading digital enthusiasts, we already offer a variety of web, development and SEO services for some of the cycling industry’s biggest brands and we want those services to be available to all at rates that are not only competitive but can meet all budgets.

Our carefully crafted websites combine seamlessly with our content generation services to help our clients deliver brand stories that increase conversions, acquire new customers and increase sales.

Need help with your existing website or hosting? Northern Consultancy are able to offer a broad range of technical support services to keep your online business running smoothly.


Our experience in the bike and outdoor industry can be engaged to facilitate a number of different activities.

Should you wish to establish an influencer or ambassador programme our network of credible and influential individuals can aid this. We can also review potential for business expansion or development into new markets. We pride ourselves on our strong entrepreneurial drive and can offer insightful commentary for developing business plans.

If your desire is to simply connect with like-minded brands to set up collaborative working – get in touch.

Our Clients

The Shimano Gravel Alliance is a brand ambassador programme designed to generate content and exposure for Shimano’s gravel focussed product lines.

Northern Consultancy manage the ongoing project, now in its third year. We established the rider roster and manage content generation and event attendance for the ambassadors.

komoot is a planning and navigational app, allowing users to seamlessly sync their planned and ridden routes to a number of devices. The platform offers users a suite of information to allow better planning. The addition of highlights to each route produces engaging and inspirational uploads.

Our role was to be part of the expansion of the komoot user base into the UK. An influencer programme was devised and members of the outdoors community were recruited. A 10 month programme allowed notable expansion of the user base in the UK coupled with PR benefits.

Apidura are market leaders in the production of rackless bikepacking luggage. Their USP is their attention to detail and utilisation of high end materials to produce lightweight and durable packs.

Northern Consultancy were engaged from 2015 until 2017 to oversee their Eurobike physical presence. This role was diverse, ranging from establishing stand position to booth construction onto collaborative brand relationships.

Grinduro is a drop-bar gravel-focused global event series that provides riders with the perfect ‘party to race’ ratio. We are the global event coordinators for the series. Within our role we manage the franchise of new locations, sponsorship and ultimately execution.


Brooks England have been manufacturing the highest quality leather saddles since 1866.

In more recent years their product lines have diversified into accessories and synthetic saddles, both complementing their historic roots.

Northern Consultancy facilitated a booth at the Dirty Kanza (now Unbound Gravel) in 2015 and provided staff in subsequent years.

Using local connections and influence we were able to secure prime positioning and strong rider engagement.

Brooks England logo
Brooks England

Pannier.cc is the home of beautiful adventurous travels by bicycle. A business comprising of content generation, online retail and travel.

Northern Consultancy worked with Pannier to review the existing business and to aid in building a robust plan for their future growth.

pannier.cc logo

The Gravel Union is a website supporting Gravel Events in Europe and beyond. The site showcases gravel-based events whilst also providing visitors with news about rides, riders and products relevant to the gravel community.

Northern Consultancy are retained to facilitate new event listings, event partnerships, brand activations and to oversee the generation of news and related content for the website.

Gravel Union logo
Gravel Union

Moustache Bikes are a specialist manufacturer focussed entirely on eBikes. They believe that eBikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling.

A series of promotional videos were commissioned to establish market identity within the UK. Utilising our preferred contractors and working closely with the client this content was created with a number of end uses in mind.

moustache bikes logo
Moustache Bikes

The 3T XPDTN3 project aimed to showcase the ground breaking Exploro. A frameset designed, engineered and manufactured to perform on all surfaces, the project set out to produce engaging content to showcase this ability.

Northern Consultancy were engaged to conduct expeditions (and produce content) working closely with 3T to establish new brand connections and offer any content generated further reach enhanced project credibility.

3T Bike
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