Northern Consultancy Co.



What we do.

We help businesses achieve their goals and become leaders in their field with creative solutions.


Looking for the perfect fit for sponsorship or to create a unique branded event?

Event Sponsorship can be so much more than a marketing expense. This is your brands unique opportunity to engage face to face with your audience.

Be unique, Be memorable, Be authentic… We ensure your investment realises its potential!


The consumer retail landscape is trending towards experiences rather than material goods. We ensure that you connect by offering just that. An experience!

An experience is unique to your brand offering. A one-to-one connection with your audience giving you the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships that can propagate to a wider audience.


We provide our clients the means and the network to generate both inspirational and aspirational content to enrich your brand image.

Our team can generate content in any media required. Not only this, we can align brands to establish collaborative marketing schemes and maximise content exposure.


Our experience in the bike and outdoor industry can be engaged to facilitate a number of different activities.

Should you wish to establish an influencer or ambassador programme, our network of credible and influential individuals can aid this. We pride ourselves on our strong entrepreneurial drive and can offer insightful commentary for developing business plans.